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ATW Crew Anticipates begining of Leg #4

Almost 17 months ago, the notion of taking a Nordhavn 40 around the world was just a cool idea that was kicked around over dinner and a couple of beers, and now, incredibly, the third leg of the trip has come to an end. Jeff Leishman, Justin Zumwalt and Pete Eunson have been onboard "Nordhavn" for approximately two months of virtually trouble-free cruising. Their arrival at Barbados, the eastern-most Caribbean island, is marked by celebration - both for the culmination of their 5,200 nm leg that started in Athens which included this final crossing of the Atlantic from the Cape Verde Islands off Africa - as well as the success they enjoyed while completing it.

Poised to take over ATW duties is the crew of Leg 4 made up of P.A.E.'s president Dan Streech, technical manual writer Mike Gregovich and sales rep Jeff Merrill, who all took a red-eye out of Los Angeles to arrive in Barbados a day before the boat. Armed with margaritas, the Leg 4 crew welcomed their weary comrades late in the morning of May 14. "I think we are just as anxious to get on the boat as they must be to get off, " Jeff Merrill said.

The much-anticipated trip almost hit a major snag back at LAX when Dan was held up at check-in because he didn't have a return ticket. Trying to explain that you're going to Barbados to get on a boat that will take you to Panama and then Acapulco, Mexico was requiring too much articulate persuasion. But the quick-thinking leg captain held up his hand, put the world on pause, pointed to his Nordhavn-embroidered polo shirt and quickly pulled out a Sea Magazine with an article about the Nordhavn ATW. End of story.

Once in Barbados, the Sea Magazine trick helped again when the three made their way to customs. But they cleared soon after, got their luggage and planned their next move. Loaded with lots of bags and an invigorated attitude in search of adventure, they set out to explore the island.

And what a beautiful island it is. Piled into a rental bus, the trio couldn't get over the palm-tree lined coast, the water views and the friendliness of the people - all while trying to avoid falling into the trench gutter on the left (which always is 'about a foot' of clearance). They went to the marina at Port St. Charles where they were set to meet "Nordhavn." Port St. Charles is a gated community that is a superb 5-star resort destination.

They went over to the customs clearance dock and saw "Nordhavn's" mooring during her short stay. Shore power, water, fuel, trash, everything is there - an immaculate place with everything fresh and beautiful. (After his description of the wharf in Cape Verde, Jeff Leishman docked at Port St. Charles and promptly thought he had died and went to heaven.)

After doing all the prep work that could be done for the day, it was in bed by 9 p.m. for Crew 4. A long day done and a long way from home, they missed family already and wished they were all there…but wouldn't trade places with anyone.

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