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Crew for Leg #5 looks forward to begining there journey

Leg #4 has come to an end, and, keeping in line with previous commentaries about the ending of a leg and the beginning of a new one, the old and new crews here in Acapulco are having the same feelings described by previous outgoing and incoming crews. Dan and Mike, the remaining crew of Leg 4 are bittersweet about the commencement of their journey - happy to get back to their families but wistful for their adventures at sea. Meanwhile, Joe, Dennis and Gary, the crew of Leg 5, the current and final leg, are excited to jump on board "Nordhavn" and bring home the dependable steed that has so far seen 15 crew members and 7 guests safely through over 22,000 nautical miles of the world's waterways.

Crew 5 arrived Wednesday in Acapulco to a beautifully clean, oil-changed and fueled Nordhavn. The first thing they did was to unpack and , and once settled, went through the boat to give her a thorough checking. Joe and Dennis spent about an hour in the engine room, giving her a meticulous clean-up, therefore making tell-tale signs of developing problems easy to spot. Actually, hats were off to the guys of Leg 4. The "Holy Place" was truly spectacular and Dennis was amazed at how things looked after 4,491 hours of continual usage on the Lugger LP668 Diesel. He marveled, "You Alaska Diesel guys do it right is about the best that I can say!" After the engine room the crew moved to the more domestic affairs of the stomach, that is, inventory of the food supply.

The boat is now completely provisioned and all that remains is Dan's final run-through of the boat's electronics and systems which he will go over with Joe, the succeeding Captain. After that, the boys will imbibe in one final ode-to-Acapulco drink as they wait the arrival of Courtney Hazlett Freeman, Senior Editor of Yachting Magazine. And then they will shove off for "Nordhavn's" home stretch.

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