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A note from Tom Selman (ATW crew member):

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone at P.A.E. for including me in this fantastic adventure. I had a wonderful time and while I probably wouldn't do it again this week, ask me next week. Dave Harlow and Ray Danet were terrific shipmates and I left them with fond memories of the good times as well as the challenges. Although I'm sure Ray and I did our part, I must admit that it was "Captain Dave" who did most of the work required to get us safely from point A to point B. If he needs crew on any future voyage, count me in!

I saw places that I had only dreamed about before: Majuro, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk Lagoon and Yap. All were very special because of the people we met and the gorgeous scenery that belongs on those travel posters. I would like to visit there again with my wife at a more leisurely pace aboard our own Nordhavn (50 "PrimeTime").

During the two-day trip home, I thought of little else except my time on board. For me, it was an adventure of a lifetime. And now having been home for several days, my thoughts are still "on the boat." Small things that didn't seem to make it on to our daily reports become the greatest part of what you remember. Things like releasing unharmed a beautiful white seabird who dove on our tuna jig thinking it was lunch, or the sense of satisfaction and relief once you are safely anchored in a lagoon after a difficult approach. At Chuuk lagoon we were so relieved, we threw a party and drank large quantities of Coca-cola mixed with rum. The consequences of which were felt all the following day. It is great fun now to remember…just letting all those pictures scroll by. I feel fortunate for having been there.

The Nordhavn 40 is such a great little ship and there was not a time we felt overmatched. The combination of Naiads and paravanes handled some very angry seas without concern - all the while cruising along at about 2 gal./hour. I truly hope this voyage causes more people to invest in a Nordhavn so they can create magnificent memories just as this ATW adventure has done for me.


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