Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 2, 2002 (local)

Hi Everyone,

A very Happy New Year to all of you and may the year bring you everything you desire. Like maybe a new Nordhavn (and if it is a new Nordhavn and you purchase it through me, I can say without any reservations that my New Year will be exactly what I wished forů just kidding! No, really.)

OK, lets see what's new with the Nordhavn 40 "Around the World" adventure. Last time we talked, we were at the Blue Lagoon Resort in the Chuuk Island group waiting for an oil hose. Yesterday, (Tuesday 1st) we did get our hose. We thought that we would have it installed, check out and be on our way that same day, but once again the Customs and Immigration people had their land mines in position. Alas, it was not to be. You see Tuesday the 1st was a holiday and trying to track these people down was an adventure or better put, a day trip into the Twilight Zone. Dave and Tom were on this adventure while I stayed with the boat.

Their first stop (remember, not one of us has been to town yet) was going to be the police station, only because that's the only public office that Dave could find open by phone. So Dave and Tom left the resort to find a taxi. But there were no taxis to be found, so they started to walk. They both commented that once they left the resort, it was like walking into a battle zone. A lot of the people were drunk, all the cars had at least one broken window, there was graffiti on all the houses, kids were throwing bottles in the streets. They were misdirected two times when asking directions to the police station (pretty much a shack). All this gets worst and much too graphic to put on paper. Anyway, by the time they finished getting all the paperwork and paying all the bribes - I mean fees, it was already late afternoon, and Dave and Tom still had to install the new hose and do an oil change. We all made the decision to get to bed early and be on our way at day break the next morning. We have been underway for the last eight hours.

Our New Years Eve was spent at the Blue Lagoon thatched roof outside bar. We partied with a lot of great people who were from all over the world - New Zealand, England, Germany, Brazil, Italy and Japan . Once again the gentlemen from New Zealand won the drinking contest. We all started out drinking Australian beer, then rounds of tequila shots, can't remember how many, somebody had a cocktail made in their mouth with their head backwards over the bar. Dave and someone else had a Tequila Sunrise, wine showed up some time during the night and then around midnight, glasses of champagne and some really large bottle rockets showed up, one of which, someone put in my hand and told me to hold it while they put a match to it. NO, I didn't hold it, I wasn't that bad off, yet!

Throughout that night we took different people out to the Nordhavn, it was a special treat and was enjoyed by all. You have to remember that all of these people are divers and after being on the boat they all started to see the possibilities of having one of these boats and being able to dive anywhere in the world. No one fell in the water and to me that was amazing considering the level of happiness that everyone was feeling.

Some of the people at the party were Steve and Shirley from England, they also own their own diving company back home. The couple that I had too much fun with was Zane and Sue Cleaver from New Zealand. By the end of the evening, they were very good friends. They invited me to go trout fishing at their lakeside home (NZ has some of the best trout fishing in the world) and in turn, they are going to come out to California for some boating. Lots of other people, but I didn't get all the names. However, I do remember Francois Diamond, our bartender and host, who made the whole night happen. The best thing about cruising is that it's a gateway to meeting new people and making everlasting friends, plus much much much more!

I envy all of you who will follow in our foot steps, because you will be able to take all the time that you desire to experience and explore so much more than we have.

The date is 01/02/2002 and the day is Wednesday. the time is 3:30pm, local and 0531uct. Our position is N 07*49.555' / E 151*27.131'. Our course is 278m with a speed of 7knts @1700rpm. Distance to our next landfall (Yap) is 824nm. The wind is 20+knts and is off our aft starboard quarter. The seas are 8-10ft. Temp. is 88.3 degrees F. The sky is sunny with scattered clouds. The Barometer is at 1008mb and holding steady.


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