Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 4, 2002 (local)

Departed Chuuk Lagoon - 0630 local time - Wed, Jan.2
Next stop - Yap - for fuel and a crew change
Total distance - 824 nm
Remaining distance - 456 nm
Course - 272m
RPM's - 1700
Speed - 7.4 knots
Time to destination at this speed - 61 hours ( 2.56 days)
Fuel on board - 597 gallons
Range at this speed - 1425 nm
Current location - N 08'57:863 / E 145'45:325

Chuuk to Yap - Day three

We are about 2.5 days away from Yap. The weather this morning was rough with 31 knots of wind from about 030. We have 6-8' waves from about 030 as well. At this moment it is blowing about 14 with the same swell, much nicer.

We have had squall lines blowing past us for the last 24 hours, some hit us and some just pass on by. Each one holds a nice shower for the boat. It's 87 degrees outside but feels cooler than days past.

We are passing by a series of small atolls and shallow reefs. Most of these we never see. A few stand tall enough to be picked up on radar but most we will only see on the charts. We have been zig-zagging our way for the last day or so but now we are on a bee line for Yap. Just to the north is the famous Mariana's Trench. Shallow reefs on the left and deep trenches on the right. There is always something out here but many times it's not to be seen.

We saw a freighter last night, less than 2 miles off, turned towards us for awhile and then veered away. No call, no sound, two lights and then just gone. I think after Yap we will start rotating a second man on night watch.


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