Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 4, 2002 (local)

Hi Everybody,

All is well on the good ship Nordhavn. Today the temperature has dropped to 82 F. We're having a cold spell! Should I put a shirt onI don't think so.

As I look at the radar, we have several areas of rain all around us. It would be nice to get the boat washed off. I'm on watch and the time is 7:30 in the morning. Dave is still sleeping and it smells like Tom is making coffee. Everything smells better when at sea. Correct that, Tom made noodle soup. So much for sense of smell.

The boat is running great and for the last two days we've had great weather. At 1700rpm we have consistently hit 71/2knts and for one hour we did 8knts (hold me back).

Still en route to Yap but passing some different islands/atolls along the way. Today, on our port side, we just passed Lamotrek Atoll. This atoll is shaped like a triangle with an island on each of the three points. The main island, Lamotrek is the only one where people live, the population is around 300. It would only take one about 10 minutes to walk from side to side. One can still see the remains WWII planes.

Right next door to Lamotrek (16mi) is Satawal. Satawal is the most populated of these surrounding islands. It is the home to some of the world's most skilled navigators who still sail vast expanses of oceans in outrigger canoes - without charts or compass - relying on their knowledge of star positions. There are around 560 people living on this island.

Also on our port side we will be passing Elato Atoll. It consists of 130 acres and there are 120 people living there. Their main export is copra. The last island that we will pass today is Gaferut. There are no people living on this island, but there is an abundance of turtles and birds.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I wish all of you could be out here to enjoy the beauty and the adventure of it all.

That's about it for now. Stats to follow.

The date is 01/04/2001 and the day is Friday. The time is 8:30am local and 1030 uct. The time zone is 10+ hours. Our position is N 08*55.212' / E 146*23.807'. Distance to our next landfall (Yap) is 491.1nm. The course is 272 M. Our speed is 7.8knts at 1700rpm. The Barometer is at 1010mb and holding steady. The temp is 82 degrees F. The seas are 2-2ft with a full cloud coverage. The wind is off the starboard aft quarter.


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