Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 5, 2002 (local)

Departed Chuuk Lagoon - 0630 local time - Wed, Jan 2, 2002
Next stop - Yap - for fuel and a crew change
Distance - 824 nm
Distance made good last 24 hours - 160
Distance remaining - 296
Course - 273m
RPM's - 1600
Speed - 6.6 knots
Time to destination at this speed - 44.8 hours (1 day 19 hours)
Fuel on board - 531 gallons
Range at this speed - 1265 nm
Current location - N 09'08:284/ E 143'05:466

Chuuk to Yap

Weather gave us a little trouble last night, 30 knot winds and some really confused seas but this morning it seems to be laying down a bit. We are really looking forward to getting to Yap. Everywhere we have been, everyone says that Yap is the most unspoiled of the islands. We plan on spending two days in Yap, but we have said this before and always managed to come up with some excuse to stay longer. I have a twelve item work list to get done before I can go out and look around, but it shouldn't take to long.

The list is as follows:
1) Change oil and oil filter on main
2) Change out main engine fuel filter
3) Change out the Racor filter we have been running on.
4) Rebuild bilge pump.
5) Install bolts on Honda outboard pull starter. These rattled loose and were lost.
6) Tighten gyro on Naiads to specs. Check for leak and maybe change out gasket.
7) Check trans oil
8) Look into water leak from Iridium cable at top of pilot house.
9) Check all raw water strainers.
10) Tune rig a little.
11) Buy oil and fuel.
12) Change out water maker filters

We are looking at an AM arrival and will hopefully get cleared and into town first thing Monday morning.

That's all for now.


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