January 5, 2002 (local)

Good Day,

Not too much to report today. The last 20 hours have been trying. It wasn't two hours after I did the last report that the wind picked up to over 25knts and a few hours after that the waves started building. Later in the day the wind was gusting to 30knts. At that time we deployed the paravanes and put the fish in the water. That was more comfortable and the boat was handling great. For the crew it was a different story. The three of us didn't get much rest and we'll be napping later today. We did manage to get a decent dinner together. I made lamb chops with rice and a glass of red wine.

On the passage side of things we just passed Faraulap Atoll. Within this atoll are two islands, Faraulap and Pig, with a total area of only 100 acres. The total number of islanders who live on these islands is 220.

I'd like to start something new today. Each day I'm going to list two of our sponsors. You might think that's not very interesting, but I beg to differ. First of all, this trip would not have been possible without them. Second of all, using the equipment on the ATW boat further proves its capability on a long-range cruising boat. All this gear is going thru the ultimate test and it might be a good idea to take note of these products for the time when you ready your own boat for cruising.

Our first sponsor Northern Lights, has provided our Lugger main engine and generator and are covering all fuel costs. They also came through in record time when we needed a replacement oil hose. Company representatives - as well as the product - offer superior support and reliability.

Our second sponsor is Rixen Enterprises, who provided the Hurricane Heating system. Prior to leaving on the circumnavigation, this boat had her shake down in Alaska. Despite the chilly Alaskan temps, our crew on board stayed cozy and comfortable and always had plenty of hot water for showers. Great system.

That's about all for now and following is the Tech. report.

Today is Saturday, 01/05/2002. The time is 8:30 local and 1030uct. Our position is N 09*06.700' / E 143*36.432'. Our boat speed is 6.4knts at 1600rpm (the paravanes are deployed giving us a slower speed). Distance to our next landfall (Yap Island) is 325nm. The Barometer is 1010mb and holding steady. The temp. is 86.5 degrees F. The skies are overcast. The waves are 8-11 ft and aft of our starboard side. The wind speed is 25knts and off our stern.


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