Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 6, 2002 (local)

Departed Chuuk Lagoon - 0630 local time - Wed, Jan 2, 2002
Next stop - Yap - for fuel and a crew change
Distance - 824 nm
Distance made good last 24 hours - 160
Distance remaining - 136
Course - 273m
RPM's - 1600
Speed - 6.8 knots
Time to destination at this speed - 20 hours
Fuel on board - 465 gallons
Range at this speed - 1141 nm
Current location - N 09'19:860/ E 140'24:448

Chuuk to Yap

We currently have 8' seas and 22 knots of wind, both from about 040 - aft stbd quarter.

We are having squall lines come through about every hour. The wind picks up a little and we get a brief shower and then it's gone. Sun comes out, doors open and we wait for the next.

We will be arriving in Yap at about 0800 in the morning and hopefully will clear customs and immigration quickly. Tom Selman will head directly to the airport to see about flights home and we will begin looking for Brad, our new crew member.

The first order of business is to get the boat fueled, after that we can relax a little and get to the other maintenance items as we can.

I'm looking forward to a day off and a long walk.

See you in Yap.


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