Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 6, 2002 (local)

Hi Everybody.

All is well and we keep pushing our way West. The big seas and wind have finally settled down. Naps will be on the agenda today so we can catch up on a little rest.

We are doing 6.8knts at only 1575rpm and this is with both the active and passive stabilizers deployed. We are going to slow the boat down so that we're not too early tomorrow for arrival at Yap Island.

Tom is getting pretty excited about flying home from Yap. We will certainly miss having him aboard but welcome our new crew member, Brad Smith, part of PAE's commissioning team back in Dana Point.

Last night we passed Sorol & Ngulu Atolls. These two are very small islands and there are only 40 people living on the two. The lagoon is very large, around 148 sq. miles and it supports the nesting area for sea turtles.

In a few hours we will be passing Fais Island. Fais is a single island of raised limestone with just over 1 sq. mile of land. Unlike a lot of the other islands, Fais has only a partial reef around it, with a lot of cliffs and sea caves. During WWII the Japanese had a phosphate mine there and one can still see relics of those times. There is only one village with a population of 400.

Today's sponsors are West Marine and IMTRA.

West Marine donated all those miscellaneous items that are so valuable to a boater - but are too numerous to list. I know that you're all familiar with West. They provide a great service to the boating public.

IMTRA provided us with our Side Power bow thruster, which greatly helped us maneuver into all the tight places where we had to get fuel. They also kicked in the Cantilupe Lighting throughout the boat. The halogen technology really makes a difference.

That's all for now and below are the stats.

Today is Sunday, 01/06/2002. The time is 8:54 local and 1054uct. Our position is N 09*18.165' / E 140*49.115'. Our speed is 6.8 knts. at 1575 rpm and our next landfall (Yap Island) is 158.4nm. The Barometer is 1010.5mb and rising. The wind is 12knts and at our aft starboard quarter. The temp. is 86.2 degrees F and the seas are 3-4 feet. The sky is clear with just a few clouds.


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