Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 7, 2002 (local)

Hey you all,

We made it to Yap. So far, from the boat it looks really great and to date the check in was by far the easiest. Our total miles run on this leg was 824nm. We arrived at 9:00am local time. The sun was at our backs and the entrance was one of the best marked so far. The arrival experience has been the greatest. We kept asking each other "can this be real?" The anchor is down and set. The dingy is in the water and we're having a Bloody Mary to celebrate. Here's to you and here's to us and here's to the people cruising all over the world.

We're headed to shore to stretch our legs and scope out where the market is. Before we leave we need to get fuel and oil so we'll research that also.

That's about all for now, will be checking in with you tomorrow.


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