Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 11, 2002 (local)

I've been on board "Nordhavn" the ATW 40 for about six weeks and now it's time for me to go. The departure is bittersweet as the adventures and camaraderie I've experienced on this trip have been incredible. But I miss seeing my wife, Linda. Enough said.

I was thrilled to be included on this adventure. Dave Harlow, our captain - who was also the project manager on my Nordhavn 50, "Prime Time", was very supportive of my quest of to be a crew member and helped it become a reality.

Probably the best part of this trip was the fact that there wasn't a fly in sight. No flies! That's something when you come from the Seattle area. I suppose I can expand on that list of "bests" - there are so many great experiences to be encountered out here in the big blue Pacific. (Although "no flies" is a biggie!)

Beautiful islands and atolls. Wonderful people. Sunrises and sunsets that cannot be described. I especially enjoyed Phonpei where we spent Christmas. To me, it is the perfect tropical island with its large protected lagoons, crystal clear water and corals covered with endless varieties of tropical fish. We have enjoyed virtually all of our stops because we are a compatible crew and sort of feed on each other's enthusiasm - which I think is key to any successful cruise.

The trip and performance of the boat itself have gone pretty much as I expected. A good boat and a good crew. The heat and humidity took a bigger toll on me than I anticipated but thank goodness for the icemaker! The only difficult part was being away from my wife for the holidays. Beyond that, it has been a fabulous adventure. If Linda and I are lucky we might some day be able to bring our own Nordhavn to these same places.

I am disappointed to have to leave early, but the weather delays have eaten up the actual time I allotted to be on board. I wish my captain and fellow crewmembers the best of luck with the rest of Leg 1 and the crews that follow, a safe voyage and triumphant return back to Dana Point.


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