Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 13, 2002 (local)

Hi Everybody,

It's around 8:00 a.m. here and what a nice day it is. Brad got the air conditioning installed yesterday which has made sleeping so much better.

On the weather front, it looks like Tropical Depression #1 is moving away quickly and will not be a problem. We're all glad about that.

Now to continue my tales of Yap… The Yapese, more than any other Micronesian peoples, have been reluctant to adopt Western ways. Their culture remains largely undiluted by outside influences. In the villages the men still wear loincloths that are called THRU, and is most commonly worn in red blue or white. The women still wear grass skirts or lava-lava. Both men and women wear these from the waist to just below the knees.

There are only 11 villages and if someone from one village wants to walk through another village, they must approach with a green bush and ask for permission to pass. While we were there, we heard that one of the boys walked through another village carrying a ghetto blaster which was very loud and offended the people in that village. The offended chief complained to the boy's village chief who had to pay stone money as a consequence and the boy was made to do community service there for his punishment. The people of Yap are a very proud people, and it was an amazing experience to visit these people and their culture.

While on Yap, we met Bill & Patricia Acker. Bill is the owner of the "Manta Ray Bay Hotel and Yap Divers". This entire resort is one of the nicest places we have been to date. Manta Ray is a one stop vacation destination. It offers everything a person or couple could desire. Yap Divers can give anyone the total dive experience. The restaurant meals were one of the best I've had to date. The chef, also named Bill, takes pride in all the food preparation and presentation. Every meal I had was excellent. Tied along side the hotel is the 100 year-old, 170 foot, two masted, 3 deck, South Sea Schooner. She is permanently moored with easy access from the hotel. S/V MNUW has a restaurant, Nautical Weaver Bar, Crows Nest Bar as well as sun decks, an internet cafe, a micro brewery, meeting facilities, a children's lounge, and industrial kitchen! Bill and all his crew were a great help to us during our stay. It's hard to grasp that this modern and traditional place can be on an island whose character and traditions are so alive. You can email Bill and his crew at . I hope to come here again.

Today's sponsors are Alcom Marine Electronics represented by close PAE friend, Robert Kinney. Robert and Alcom provided our Iridium sat phone and threw in the labor to insall all our electronics.

Bellingham Chart Printers provided all of our charts for the entire world. They also gave us routing suggestions. Like they say; "don't leave home without them". When you're ready to take off, these are the people to contact.

Trip facts:

The date is 01/13/2002 and the time is 9:40am local time and 1140uct, the time zone is 10+. Our position is N 09*53.809' / E 132*23.831'. Our next landfall, Cebu in the Philippines is 542nm. Our speed is 8.5knts (with the current last night we hit 9.1knts. a record) at 1600rpm. The Barometer is at 1009mb and holding steady. Our compass course is 272 degrees M. the wind is off the aft starboard quarter at 12knts. The seas are calm.


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