Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 14, 2002 (local)

Good Day to All,

This is our third day out and we couldn't ask for a better passage. There was one hour yesterday were we hit 9.4 knts.! At the moment we're doing 7 knts. over the bottom. Dave has been putting in the time plotting our course through the Philippines. This area will likely prove to be our most challenging. In plotting this course, Dave has to contend with reefs, currents, day or night movement and unsavory characters. All of this will be starting in about 30-35 hours. For that leg we will be increasing the crew watches.

A very long time ago, a close friend shared this saying with me. "Life is a series of experiences. The more you experience, the more your life will be". Isn't that great? I mention this because of the next area that we'll be transiting. It will be an experience and if we're lucky, maybe a once in a lifetime adventure.

Yesterday I caught a 20 lb. Dorado and I made ceviche which is the raw fish, fresh lime juice, olive oil, crushed tomatoes, a bit of hot salsa, some peas - all spiced with garlic salt, salt, pepper, a wee bit of Italian spice, dried parsley with a dash of Tabasco. Mixed it all together and chilled for about an hour. We served it over Ritz crackers and it was really good! The best part of the fish, we saved for today to make Sashimi, which is raw fish dipped in a mixture of wasabi -Chinese green mustard, and soy sauce. Unfortunately, we are missing the chop sticks to eat with. Sticking to the subject of food, last night's dinner consisted of baked pork chops, flavored brown rice and apple sauce on the side. Dessert was oatmeal cookies with canned whip cream on top, What can I say, you work with what you have. (Dessert was a Tom Selman creation, but the original recipe called for Oreo cookies.)

Hopefully all of you out there are getting the flavor of cruising. Let me say that if you took all the ATW reports that have been written and multiply them by ten, you would have a better idea of what cruising it all about. With all that said, get yourself out here!

Today's sponsors are C-Map USA and Diamond/Seaglaze. C-Map provided us with all the electronic charts for our voyage. Diamond/Seaglaze builds all the doors (including engine room) and all windows we use on our boats. We have taken some serious bluewater over the boat with no leaks or breakage.

More on our adventure tomorrow…


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