Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 15, 2002 (local)

Departed Yap - 1300 local time
Friday, Jan 11, 2002 - arrived Desolation point, Philippines 1600 Jan-15
Fuel burned - 290
Miles - 789
Average speed - 7.49
Average GPH- 2.91

Possible next stop - Koto Kinabula
Distance - 649
Distance made good last 24 hours - 158
Distance remaining to Singapore- 1500
RPM's - 1500
Speed - 8.6 knots (Big current)
Fuel on board - 630 gallons
Range at 6.6 - 1799 nm
Current location - N 10'26:528 / E125'36:755

The Philippines

Well it's on to a new sea and a new adventure. The Nordhavn 40 will not be back in the Pacific Ocean for many months. She left the Pacific today at 1530 hours. Next will be the Sulu Sea in the middle of the Philippines. After that the South China Sea and then on to her next passage. Months from now she will enter the last lock in Panama and once again be surrounded by Pacific waters.

I still have a few adventures left with the 40. First we'll be passing through the Philippines. We have elected not to stop in Cebu for fuel. We can stretch it out and make it through without stopping. There is a little port called Kota Kinabula on the Northern tip of Borneo that has fuel and services. We are currently running down the Surigao Straits and will be in the Bohol Sea by morning. We are surrounded by dark islands as it is very overcast with little light. I think there will not be much sleep tonight.

This has been quite an adventure so far for the 40. When we reach Singapore there will be a celebration as old crew meets new, as there always is. We will help load the 40 with new gear and goods, wash her one last time and then say goodbye. I will be sad to leave her. I will help push her out of the slip and watch as the new crew starts their adventure. I wonder what sights they will see, what storms they will endure, what tests there will be for the 40 and her crew. I will wish them well. I'll wish them blue Pacific waters once again.


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