Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 15, 2002 (local)

Hi Everyone,

Within the next 30 minutes, guess what? We will have crossed the PACIFIC OCEAN! We drew a line between Suluan Island and Daco Island and once we cross that line we will be in the Philippines.

We are headed for Desolation Pt. on the island of Dinagat. We will round this point and that will put us in the Surigao Straight. We will be transiting this area during the night.

OK here we go! Our Nordhavn has just crossed the Pacific! The local time is 2:55pm and 0455uct. Our little Nordhavn keeps chugging along and I feel like we should have a party. I need to mention that to the crew. In the following days I will keep you posted on the different areas as we transit them.

The sponsors I'd like to mention today is Flowscan which has provided us with the 9500 model that keeps track of the fuel that we are burning, and Forespar Products Corp. which provided us with our mast and cargo.

Vitals are:

The date is 01/15/2002 and the day is Tuesday. Our position is N 10*28.203' / E 125*54.000'. Our course is 276 degrees M. Our next landfall is open at this time and I will keep you updated. Our speed is 7.7knts at 1500rpm. The Barometer is 1009.5 and holding steady. The temp. is 89.2 degrees F and the seas are calm. The wind is off our starboard aft quarter at 6knts (the lowest that we have seen).


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