Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 16, 2002 (local)

Possible next stop - Koto Kinabula
Distance - 649
Distance made good last 24 hours - 177
Average speed - 7.4
Distance remaining to Singapore- 1500
RPM's - 1400
24 hour fuel burn - 50 gallons
Current speed - 7.2
Fuel on board - 580 gallons
Range at 6.6 - 1914 nm
Current location - N 08'58:230 / E123'23:755

The Philippines, Sulu Sea.

We are currently in the Sulu Sea. Winds are 13 from due north, small choppy sea at our beam. Sunny and warm.

Last night was a long one. We had so many targets at any one time, we just had to pick out the closest ones and deal with them first and forget about the others. We somehow ran into the middle of a fishing fleet with the big processing ships roving around throughout the fleet. Of the fifty or so boats that we had on radar throughout the night, about half had lights on. We never had a really good look at any one boat as it was a really dark night. We would be going along with a few targets on the screen and out of nowhere two would pop up on the screen right in front of us. Some of them we never did see on the radar just a little twinkling white light 50' to 100' to port or stbd. At one time I just threw my hands up and pulled the throttle back to idle and coasted through a herd of a half dozen skiffs, we could see a few lanterns wave in the night. Fishermen working the same banks their fathers did in their day.

The fleet finally thinned out, but it was 0530 by that time and we just decided to go the distance and see the sun come up. Warm winds blowing through, Allison Krauss on low, burnt orange sunrise and smell of rum from my coffee cup. You can't buy that feeling.

Fair winds and full nets to our fishermen friends..... and maybe just a touch of rum as well, adios.


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