Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 16, 2002 (local)

Hi Everyone,

Last night the seas were dotted with lots of boats fishing. Dave and Brad had a hectic night watching the radar and trying to figure out all the running lights and where everyone was going. The two of them stayed up the entire night and I'm ashamed to say that I slept through the entire event.

News flash, Dave our captain has decided to make the big push all the way to Singapore. We should arrive about the 24th, which will be on the 23rd back home. We all look forward to a homecoming soon.

Last night we powered between Panaon Island and Mindanao Island. In a few hours we will pass Negros Island to our starboard at which time we will leaving the Bohol Sea and entering the Bohl Sea. Our next waypoint is just off the end of Palawan Island just about 380nm away.

The sponsors I'd like to mention today are Martec Props which donated the folding prop on our wing engine. It's one of those items that you don't notice until you need it. We use it when it is time to check the main engine oil or for oil changes while under way.

Maxwell Winches, Inc. provided us with a complete 2200 anchor winch. This is one item that has been put through the torture test. Every place we've stopped has required that we anchor and at one time we had 300 ft. of chain with a 110 lb. Bruce anchor and the Maxwell never even slowed down and performed flawlessly the whole time. The cruise facts to follow.

The date is 01/16/2002, Wednesday. The time is 3:10pm local and 0510uct. Our position is N 09*00.812' / E 123*30.735. Our next waypoint is 370nm distant. Our course is 255 degrees M. Our speed is 7.1 knts at 1400 rpm. The temp is 90 degrees F and the seas are very calm. The wind is off our starboard aft quarter at 8knts true. At the moment we have 5 targets (boats) on the radar forward of the beam.


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