Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 17, 2002 (local)

Hi Everybody,

All is well on the good ship Nordhavn. It's been so calm for the last few days. I guess we paid our dues before entering the Sulu Sea. There's been very light winds and calm seas - comparable to our summer waters back at Dana Point, CA. The one thing that we're not lacking is ship traffic. We've seen a lot of tankers and many more small fishing boats. The other difference is the color of the water. It's not the deep pretty blue of the Pacific Ocean.

Are all of you ready for a pirate story? Last night on Dave's watch he picked up a blip on the radar. The target was forward of our beam about 6 miles, at that time it turned towards us and came within two miles of our starboard beam and paced the "Good Ship Nordhavn" at the same speed that we were doing, say around 7knts for about 20 minutes. Then all of sudden it turned towards us doing about 25knts. This was an eye opener for Dave who immediately woke up Brad.and then Brad came and woke me up. The three of us are in the pilothouse with no visual on the pirate ship. So Dave is steering the boat and cranks up the ships spotlight. In the meantime Brad grabs one of the portable spotlights and is standing outside the door of the pilot house and I grab the other portable spotlight and head for the stern cockpit. We still have no visual on the pirates who are coming at us at full speed. All of a sudden Brad catches him in his beam, not far behind Dave has got him also and a few seconds later I have him zeroed in. Now picture this, here is a poor fishermen in about at 25ft narrow craft stabilized with two outriggers with a small covered aft section. He's coming over to see who we are and all of sudden he gets hit with a combination of 3,000,000 candle watts of light. I think the poor old guy may never be able to see again. There was so much light that it caused the fish to jump out of the water all around him. After all was said and done we continued on our. The poor fisherman started a small open fire in his boat to cook dinner or then again maybe he had to dry his knickers out after washing them!

That's the pirate story and many years from now when we tell our grandkids this story, I'm sure that it will be quite different with many more heroes.

Not much more to tell except for what we had for dinner last night which was three cans of chili spiced up with pinto beans, lots of prime rib left-over along with chunks of oven baked pork chops, crushed tomatoes and for toppings there was fresh graded cheddar cheese and fresh chopped onions. With this type of meal the beverage of choice was a can of beer.

Our sponsors today our Naiad Marine Systems which provided us with all the spare parts we could ever need and Para-Tech Engineering Co. which gave us an 18" sea anchor and a 72" Drogue. Thank heavens we Haven't needed either of these, but it's nice to know that they're on board.

The trip facts as follows;

The date is 01/17/2002 and the day is Thursday. the time is 1:30 local and 0331uct. Our position is N 08*35.707' / E 121*10.723'. Our course is 256 degrees M. the speed is 6.2knts at 1400rpm. The distance to our next waypoint is 235.4nm, which is off the tip of Palawan Island. The temp is 86.9 degrees F. the wind is aft of our beam at 7knts. The Barometer is at 1008mb and steady. The seas are very calm.


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