Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 19, 2002 (local)

Hi Everybody,

All is well aboard the Nordhavn. I did not get a report out yesterday and I have a good excuse. Dave, our captain (we call him Captain Bligh now) had us cleaning our boat. This included washing, compounding and polishing. It seems that there is going to be a big reception upon arriving at Singapore - PassageMaker Magazine is supposed to be there. All kidding aside, Dave has not been using the "Cat of Nine Tales" or the threat of "Keel Hauling". We're pretty proud of our little ship and we all want her to look her best upon arrival. In fact, we would like to put the challenge to the other two crews on the next two legs to get this boat looking better at the end of their legs! There has to be some type of handicap for total miles on each leg, oh and lets not forget that we need an air conditioning handicap also. The two crews will buy dinner for the winner. We've been receiving some really good questions for the "Forum" section. Don't forget to check them out.

Last night we transited the Nasubata Channel which is part of the Balabac Straight and that means we are now in the South China Sea. Singapore is about 840nm distant. It continues to be very calm (knock on wood) with little wind. The humidity is low, which is a nice change.

As they say, "no news is good news" so I'll wrap this up. What was that you asked? Oh, you want to know what was for dinner last night. I made spaghetti with a marinara meat sauce that had 2lbs of hamburger in it. The whole thing cooked for three hours and was reduced by half when it was done. You could stand a wooden spoon in it and it wouldn't fall over. I would have liked to add a really good Merlot, garlic French bread and a Caesar salad, but that was not meant to be.

Our first sponsor today is Outbound Yacht Services, owned and operated by Kevin Ryan. Outbound installed our Spectra Watermaker and is also our local dealer for the Hurricane Heating Systems. Kevin has long history with P.A.E. He's a professional who takes pride in his work.

Second is, Pacific Seacraft, the builders of the Nordhavn 40. Pacific Seacraft has generously donated the hours when this boat gets back to make her look brand new.

The trip facts are as follows;

The day is 01/19/2002 and the day is Saturday. The time is 10:10am local and 0110uct (time zone is +9). Our position is N 07*13.761' / E 116*13.637 . Our next landfall is 840nm distant which is Singapore. Our course is 234 degrees M. Our speed is 7.3knts at 1400rpm. The Barometer is 1008mb and holding steady. The seas are calm and the wind is off our port aft quarter at 8knts.


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