Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 20, 2002 (local)

Hi Everybody,

All is well. The weather last night picked up a bit. We had 22knts last night and the seas around 10-12ft. Everyday now we see lots of traffic…so different from the North Pacific. We caught a 18-20 pound Wahoo yesterday. Wahoo makes the best sashimi in the world and today for lunch we are going to partake of this raw delicacy. It always amazes me to catch fish in the middle of an ocean.

Today we continue to clean and wax the boat, getting ready for arrival in Singapore. As we get closer we all are getting more excited. What else, oh yes Dave is in 4 football wagers and so far he's one for four. Not bad for being isolated for eleven weeks. Will let you know the results. Can you imagine being on this trip while making money back home? (Monopoly money, of course.)

As I near the end of my leg, there's something I want to address about our ATW trip. There are those in the industry who have questioned this trip, claiming the hurried-up nature is a misrepresentation of the cruising lifestyle. It was never our intention to say that someone should do a circumnavigation in the short amount of time that we are. Our intentions are:

1. To show the world that our smallest expedition boat, this Nordhavn 40, is fully capable
    of doing a circumnavigation and doing it safely.
2. To really get a close look at the design and see if we can improve upon it and carry
    these findings on to our bigger boats and newer designs to be built in the future.
3. To evaluate the after-market items that we use on our boats and to test new equipment     like Raytheon's latest electronics.
4. And lastly, we at Nordhavn have always strived to build the worlds best trawlers. We
    are always upgrading and refining our boats and what better way to show the
    competition that once again we are leading the industry in design, construction and     safety.

If this was my boat and I was retired, I would take at least five years to do a circumnavigation in order to fully examine, explore and experience the world.

The daily log follows;

The date is 01/20/2002 and the day is Sunday. The time is 1:50pm local and 1650uct (time zone is +9). Our position is N 06*08.032' / E 113*03.'713'. Our course is 257 degrees M. Our speed is 7.3knts at 1400rpm. Our nest land fall is Singapore, 680nm. The barometer is at 1008.5mb and holding steady. The wind is off our aft starboard quarter at 13knts. Seas are 5-6ft.


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