Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 21, 2002 (local)

Fuel on board - 323 gallons
Distance remaining to Singapore- 440 nm
Range with remaining fuel - 915 nm
Distance made good last 24 hours - 172
Average speed last 24 hours - 7.16
Fuel burn last 24 hours - 57.6
RPM's - 1500
Speed - 6.8
Current location - N 04'31:857 / E 109'58:782

To Singapore:

Today we have a bit of a confused sea running. I should have known, I said it looked good for a smooth ride to Singapore. It's not all that rough just really confused. We have 5 - 6' seas coming from three or four different directions, along with 22 knots of wind. The Naiads are keeping up with it and I look forward to a good night's rest, although a bit lumpy.

A few more days and then it's in to the Raffles Marina for a little r&r and some clean up and fuel before handing the boat over to Jim Leishman and the new crew. The boat looks really good and there are only a few items on our work list: oil change, water maker service and a few odds and ends.

At this time we should be to the Raffles about midday on Thursday. Jim Leishman, Brian Saunders and Paul Grover make up the new crew. Brian is a salesman for PAE and Paul is a friend of PAE and has a sailboat one dock away form our office. Paul just recently piloted a Nordhavn 46 "Valhalla", from California to Hawaii. This was a twin engine boat owned by Jack Chrysler.

At this moment we have the AC going, nice and cool down below, a load of laundry in, spare ribs cooking, country music playing (Cowboy's girl left him, that's a first) and a few cold beers cracked. Tough duty out here.


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