Around The World Voyage : Commentary

January 21, 2002 (local)

Hi Everybody,

All is well and it's another nice day in the South China Sea. The winds are light and the seas are calm. As we progress, the ocean is becoming more crowded. We're seeing more fishing and cargo vessels. Wait a minute we have a fish on the line. OK I'm back, it was just a Mackerel so we threw him back. It's going to prove to be very interesting as we close in on Singapore. We're doing to a bit more clean-up on the boat today in preparation for our arrival. Dave mentioned yesterday that if we get ahead of schedule, we will try to find a spot to anchor the boat the evening before our arrival. It would be nice to get a full night's sleep before the big day. In the last report, I mentioned that Wahoo was one of the best fish for sashimi. I'll take that back. The Dorado was better and Yellow Fin is the best. We are going to take the rest of the Wahoo and make fish burritos for lunch today.

Today is our tenth day out and we have about another 475nm to go. If we can maintain 7knts, we'll be out another 3 days or less.

I promise you that I would let you know how Dave did in the football playoffs, he broke even 2 for 2. On the meal side of things, last night's dinner consisted of Hamburger Helper and the reason for that is that the cook (yours truly) didn't defrost the spare ribs in time for dinner. Can't think of much more to tell you and with that I'd like to mention a few more of our sponsors.

Seaward Products provided our stove and water heater. The stove has been put thru the wringer, but here in the tropics we didn't use the water heater very much. This will change, however, on later legs of the ATW.

Two others, Shorepoint Insurance Services, which helped fund the trip, and Pioneer Research which donated two pairs of Steiner binoculars. I can't state how much we use these every day.

Trip information is as follows;

The date is 10/21/2002 and the time is 12:15 local and 2415uct. Our position is N 04*55.343' / E 110*40.152. Our course is 238 degrees M. Our speed is 7knts at 1500rpm. Singapore our next landfall is about 470nm. The Barometer is at 1009 and holding steady. The wind is over our starboard aft quarter at 12knts. The seas are 5'6 feet.


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