Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 9,2001

Well so much for good weather. Yesterday we received a weather briefing from Walt Hack and he advised that a low to our north would move to the east and disrupt the easterly trades. Our wind clocked around to the south east last night and has been blowing 25 to 30 most of the night and today (right on our beam). There is some sunshine but the sea is rough and uncomfortable. We expect the wind to continue to clock around to the south - then southwest - all the way around to the northwest before it resumes it's normal flow from the East. We expect a difficult weekend.

The boat is doing extremely well and with everyone aboard acclimated to the motion - we're all feeling fine. We are building a good reserve of range as we progress and don't expect this weather situation to cause fuel problems or delay.

Our present position at 10:30 West Coast time (Nov 9, 2001) is N27'25 and W131'32. We're on course for Honolulu - 243 mag and making about 5.5 knots - down from our 6.3 in the fairer weather.




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