Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 11, 2001

This is the first day of really good weather. We had weather report (below) that was pretty dismal. We now seem to be past the most severe portion of this and it looks real nice. At this moment it is 76f outside, sunny, water is about 70f I'm guessing. We are at N 25’51: 181 / W 138’27:195. The seas are still really big – we are guessing about 18’, big rolling seas headed to some distant reef – some far off beach. Somewhere right now some guys are saying “ Man, there’s a big north swell coming in…..” , well buddy we’ve seen it and rode it first, have fun when it gets to you.

We have been watching the fuel pretty closely. We are running a 1400 rpm’s at about 5.8 knots. Burning about 2gph. We are betting that with the wind and swells behind us we can make about 6.3 at the same rpm's. At that speed and fuel burn we should make Honolulu with about 100 gals to spare.

We hooked into a small Dorado at 2:00 this afternoon. He was green and blue, fought well and was cut up and cooled for this afternoon’s sashimi in about 10 minutes.

Well if the weather holds we should be into Honolulu in about 7 days. Refuel, reload with food and needed parts and off to Johnstone Atoll and then to Majoro in the Marshall Islands.

We do not get very detailed news out here but did pick up on the plane crash this morning in New York. All on board this little boat are hoping that it was an accident, but knowing that either way it is an awful loss of lives, dreams and adventures that will never be. Our best to those left behind.

Jim Leishaman noted the other day that, “In years past a sailor went to sea and left all behind, wife, sweethearts, family and friends. All news of home and the world, the good news and the bad left behind. This is not so for today’s seafarer”. Last night I received a message from Jessica, made my day - made my week, I had to out on the back deck for a while and be alone. But with the good news also comes the bad. The sea will never again offer the same solitude and escape as in the books that my dad read to me as a kid.

After last night….I think it is not such a bad thing.


After writing this we have heard that the fateful crash of the New York flight was accidental. I for one am relieved, I hope that those on board the flight would understand. God speed.


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