Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 11,2001
Dana Point to Honolulu
1615 Pacific Standard

It looks like we may be facing another bout of unpleasant weather. There’s been a strange swell running from the west all day, and the wind has remained westerly—exactly the opposite of what the run to Hawaii is supposed to have. Now, the barometer has started a downturn.

Below is the e-mail we received a couple of hours ago from Walt Hack, the forecaster and router favored by veteran voyagers such as Bruce Kessler and the folks at PAE. I reproduce it here in its entirety for two reasons: 1) People interested in offshore cruising often ask about the kind of service Walt provides. 2) The forecast will keep you entertained in the event it becomes too bumpy for me to prepare another report for a while. If you have a map or chart of the Pacific, you can plot where we are right now, heading WSW, and then Walt’s directions will have some meaning.

To: Captain Jim - M/V NORDHAVN
Fm: O.M.N.I./USA
1750Z 11 NOV 2001

Captain, good speaking to you yesterday. Synopsis: 1028mb high cell near 35N 168W with ridge ESE'ward 25N 140W then eastward. A cold front extending SW across 30N 135W to 27N 142W will continue to move eastward. Latest observations near and NW of the cold front indicate WNW-NW winds 15-25kts with WNW sea/swells 12-16ft. The high ridge is expected to drift southward and lay west-east along 28N-30N from 180 east to 120W by Mon/night and continue thru Tuesday before weakening again as a new cold front moves across the central N/Pacific and splits the high ridge with one high cell drifting NE'ward toward the US west coast for Wed-Thur and a weaker high cell remaining north of the Hawaiian Islands thru Thu/am.

During the next 18-24hrs you will experience the adverse wind/sea conditions WNW-NW forces/5-6 with rough WNW-NW swells of 12-17ft. By Mon/1200Z wind/sea conditions are expected to abate and gradually veer to a more NNE-NE direction once you get south of the high ridge, which should occur by on Mon/12th.

Basis your posn Sat/10th on a heading 244/deg for Honolulu, expect: Sun/11: WNW-NW 20-25kt, gusty. WNW-NW 12-17ft, upto 18ft at times. Mon/12: Veering NW-N 15-22kt to NNE-NE 10-18kt during late aftn-eve. NW 10-15ft thru midday, then slowly abate NNW 9-12ft by Mon/night. Tue/13th: NE 08-16kt. NNW 9-12ft. Wed/14th-Hono: ENE 08-18kt. NNW-NW 9-12ft, mix with NNE 6-8ft remainder.

In order to provide the best route possible, Pls keep us advised of your posn enroute with actual port arrivals and updates on port departures. Thanks. B/Rgds, for Walt/OMNI nnnn


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