Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 13,2001

Hello everyone:

The past two days have been pleasant with sunshine and light easterly winds. We cooked a prime rib yesterday after noon and watched Operation Pacific with John Wayne while the smell of the roast wafted about the boat. The weather continues to be fair today however Walt Hack advises that there's another low passing to out north and we can expect more of the westerly winds that have slowed us up the past week. We are now gliding along at our same 1400 rpm - burning slightly less than two gallon per hour and making a steady 6.5 knots. Our remaining distance is 967 nautical miles and we have 430 gallons left aboard. We estimate that well arrive with adequate reserves. If we look at the remaining distance and figure the 2 GPH rate - at 6 knots - we'll be able to go 1290 miles - at 5 knots - 1075 miles and even at 4.5 knots we can still make it. We're not anticipating the weather Walt's predicting to be heavy enough to significantly slow us down. Our present position at 13:00 Pacific Coast time is N25'17 and W140'51.

Paul Grover is flying to Hawaii today and we listened for him on the SSB. He said he'd give us a call at noon but we never heard him on the designated frequency.

A few things we need and I thought these could be delivered to Sue and she can carry them over to us.

1. 25 of the little black screw caps which hold the instrument panels in the wheelhouse
2. New H.L. paper towel holder - the old one broke in rough weather
3. The balance of the C-map cartridges for the Raytheon chart plotter . Contact George     Sass on this - Very Important!!!
4. We need a cover - maybe s.s. for the wing engine propeller. While checking the oil on the     main - I put my bare foot on the spinning coupling - no problem but it could have been a     disaster
5. I need the box for the small Canon camera - digital. It has the data cord in it, which Dave     will need to down load pictures into the computer.
6. We need CDs for music. I have a bunch of these at home - maybe James can burn some     more for us. Dave likes country music and is allowed to play it when I'm off the boat.

That's it for now. You can tell that we have virtually no problems with the boat - everything is perfect.

Best Regards,

Jim Leishman


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