Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 16,2001
Day 13: Dana Point to Honolulu
0330 Pacific Standard
Latitude 23.41.973 North
Longitude 147.33.391 West
Course made good 246 M
Speed over ground 6.1 knots at 1,410 RPM
Distance run 1,743.3 nm
Distance to go 589.9 nm

Of course, the wind is still in the wrong direction, 12-14 knots out of the south, giving us a bit of a beam sea on Nordhavnís port side.

Day 13: Dana Point to Honolulu
16 November 2001
1200 Pacific Standard Time

Here are todayís fuel and range calculations:
Fuel remaining on board                       335 gallons (170 port, 115 starboard)
Fuel burned last 24 hours                     50 gallons
Distance made good last 24 hours        150 nautical miles
Speed made good last 24 hours            6.25 knots
Distance remaining to destination          536 nautical miles
Remaining range at present speed         826 nautical miles

And hereís the latest look at the weather by Walt Hack. It bears out what we were able to download and examine with RayTech Navigator: We stand an excellent chance of having no favorable winds for the balance of the passage.

To: Capt Jim
0130Z 16 NOV 01

Captain, still NW fetch across latitudes 25N-35N, generating NW-NNW swells thru your track. Little change over the coming 5-6 days as high pressure ridge remains east-west across abt 25N. Fairly wide frontal boundary 90nm to yr NW, incrsd clouds + showers thru Fri/16. Next front reaches Oahu by Tue/20th, likely near yr arrival. Today off Oahu, swells 5-7ft long 13-15secs, wind NW-NE 05-15kt. Not anticipating any tropical threat remainder to Oahu. No obvious advantage to diversion from the direct rhumb line route to approaches Oahu. Expect along the R/L route: Thu/15-Fri/16: S-SW shift NW-N 10-20kt and gusty late Thu into Fri midday. N-E 10-17kt remainder Fri. NW 6-8ft occ 9-10ft. Sat/17: Var 05-15kt, swell NW 6-8ft occ 9-10ft. Sun/18: N-NE to SE-S late 05-15kt, swell NW 7-9ft occ 10-11ft long. Mon/19 to arr'l: S-W to NW 10-20kt, some gusts last 12 hours NW-NNW 6-8ft occ 10ft. B/rgds, Walt/OMNI

Day 13: Dana Point to Honolulu
16 November 2001
1330 Pacific Standard Time

We stopped the boat for the first time since leaving Dana Point, so young Eric could land what appeared to be a record-setting fish. He struggled mightily for close to 15 minutes, before the catch came into view in the clear water. The fish was in fact a bucket. His Dad and Dave had concocted the practical joke while Eric was napping. I assured Eric I had nothing to do with the prank.

The stop enabled us to jump into the ocean for a swim, with the depth being some 16,000 feet. The water felt warmer than the 77-degree air temperature.

I had forgotten how salty the Pacific can be, and how badly out of shape I am. I didnít even attempt my customary swim around the boat, and needed a hand back up on the swim platform pitching in the swell. So civilized this Nordhavn is: After the swim, we washed off the salt under a hot-water shower in the cockpit.



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