Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 17,2001
12:00 West Coast time

We're just now changing our clocks over to Hawaii time - PSD minus two hours.

After doing our 12 noon fuel review we note the following:
240 gallon remaining in tanks (includes 10 gallons in Wing Engine Daytank)
380 miles to Honolulu

We've decided to increase our speed to 1600 rpm which is giving us 7.2 knots. We now can make Honolulu by 15:00 hrs (3:00 pm) on Monday - November 19th. We estimate we'll have 84 gallons in the mains and 10 gallons in the wing engine day tank.

The weather is beautiful with air temp now at 77 degrees and water at about 75 degrees. The wind is still on our port beam but only at 9 knots (still no easterly trades). We've had spectacular sunsets the past few nights and if the calm weather holds - this evening I may launch a Kayac and take some shots of the NORDHAVN sailing southwest into the red setting sun and puffy cumulious clouds.

Eric set the lines at dawn today and within 20 minutes - he had a triple hook up - three 20 to 25 pound Dorados. He got into a little trouble with me because we had to stop the boat and everyone was woke up to help. We released all three and within 30 minutes he had two more. I finally told him to pull the lines in - unless he wanted to clean the fish himself. Each one we bring aboard creates a blood bath in the cockpit - the equivalent of a human chainsaw murder. The fish splatters his own blood everywhere while he's violently beaten to death with a toilet pump handle. It's a half hour cleanup - including cockpit overhead, aft windows - it all has to be soaped down and washed and then the fisherman has to take a shower. These Dorados are one fighting fish - they don't die easily. Eric's caught dozens of them.

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