Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 22, 2001

Hello to all, Here it is Thanks Giving day and were starting the next part of our journey of the ATW. Aboard is Dave Harlow (our Captain), Tom Selman and myself Ray Danet. From here on out I'll use first names and there will be a test later.

The good ship Nordhavn arrived in Hawaii on November 19th at 6pm local time. The guys were ready for the Hawaii Yacht club bar and a big dinner shortly after. All had too good a time. At this time we would like thank the HYC for help and hospitably. Also would like to thank the Koolina Marina for their help and one of the nicest marinas I've seen in a long time..

Our next stop is Majuro atoll in the Marshall Group. The current time here is 3PM and our position is N21 14' and W158 17'. we are 12NM out of Hawaii and have 1950NM to go. In the following days I will try to do these up dates at noon local time that way I'll be able to give you 24 hour updates. After I get my sea legs I should be able to get into more detailed updates. I have to tell you upfront that I am not a professional writer so please go easy on me . I'm just a boater like the rest of you or soon to be boaters. We also look forward to your questions and comments. We are going to do some fun things later.

Best wishes and love to our family, friends and all of you out their,

Ray, Dave and Tom


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