Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 23, 2001
Honolulu to Majuro, Marshall Islands

12:00 Hawaii Time

Well it’s been a few days since there was a report from on board the Nordhavn. We have been pretty busy for the last couple of days with restocking goods, fixing a few items that needed attention and to let the Badger out a little. We met a lot of really good folks over here in Hawaii and I want to thank them all for there help and support.

On board are Dave Harlow and Ray Danet from PAE and Tom Selman a long time friend of PAE and a Nordhavn 50 owner. We three will be on board from Hawaii to Singapore along with an occasional guest on selected routes

We spent Monday and Tuesday as the guest of the Hawaii Yacht club. The club is located in the Ala Wai Yacht Basin with the surf of Ala Moana breaking to the right as you enter. The club itself is located at the end of a long pier overlooking the entrance to the harbor. There is a restaurant and bar, with the trade winds blowing through, friendly people and a great view of the city on one side and beaches and open water on the other. Very nice.

We left the Hawaii Yacht club at 4:30 on Wednesday morning and headed up the coast to the Koalina Yacht basin for fuel and final provisioning. This is a brand new facility and is very clean and well laid out, with a small store, fuel dock, golf course and plenty of sights to see. Everyone was again very helpful and curios about the trip and our next stops.

On Thanksgiving afternoon, we said our goodbyes to Jim, Sue and Eric Leishman as well as George Kolesnikov and Paul Grover and headed to sea again. I could think of a thousand reasons to stay…..but about a thousand and one to move on.

So here we are, a day out, winds calm, the seas behind us and many adventures ahead. Ray has his feet up, Tom has a line in the water, and me, I think I’ll have a beer.

Adios for now.



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