Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 23, 2001

Hi Everyone,

All is well on the good ship Nordhavn. We are all still trying to get our sea legs, it looks like it will be the three day rule. Yesterday before we got on the boat we stopped by this store and bought a "Thanksgiving Dinner in a box", no kidding it had a pre-cooked turkey vacuum pack with mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry and rolls.We didn't eat it yesterday so today we are going to give it a try.

At the current time we are running the Spectra water maker which is producing around 14 GPH. Having a water maker aboard is great, we get fresh showers each morning and we can also keep the boat washed off.

I'd like to say hello to Greg LuQue. I sold Greg this Nordhavn 40 #21 quite a few months back. Greg, she's a great boat, everything is working super and we are taking really good care of her.

Now for the vitals at 12:00 Local time on the 23rd of November,

The current weather is sunny, the outside air is 80.8 F. The wind is out of the Southeast at 12knts. The Barometer is 29.9. The water is 75.5 F. Our course is 239M.Our speed is 6knts. We are using 1.96 GPH at 1400RPM. Our position is N20*17.849' / W160*22.637'. The distance to Majuro Atoll is 1822NM.

Best wishes and love to our friends, family and the rest of the world,

Ray, Dave and Tom


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