Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 24, 2001

Hi there,

Like past days, all is well on the good ship Nordhavn. We ate our Thanksgiving dinner last night, The turkey and the wine was excellent the rest of the dinner was OK. The beauty of our surroundings made up for everything.

We have had the fishing gear out for the last two days with no luck but the expectation is high. Tom had a good bite and the only way we knew this was that the lure was gone.

The watch system that we are using is three on and six off with the exception of the hours between 9:00am and 3:00pm. During these hours we leave it open and if one is sleeping then some one steps up to the plate. We always have some one on watch. This system has worked out great for us on this part of the trip.

This is our third day out and our Nordhavn is performing faultlessly.

Lunch is ready, we are having turkey and egg salad sandwiches. I'll sign off for now with the trip facts below.

Date 11/24/20001

Our position at noon local time is N 19*10.074' and W 162*31.949'. Our course is 234*M. Speed is 6.8kts @ 1400RPM and using 1.98 gph. The wind is from our stern @ 6.3knts.The Barometer is 29.9in of mercury. Outside temp is 85.5 F and the water temp is 75* F. Sunny sky's with a few clouds on the horizon.

Our landfall, Majuro Atoll is 1694 nm distant.

Our best wishes and love go out to our friends and family,

Ray, Dave and Tom


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