Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 25, 2001

Hello out there,

This is Ray signing in from another day at sea. This is our 4th day out and all is well. We had a few scattered showers last night on the radar but we missed them all.

The wind clocked around to forward of our beam so our speed is down. We are between lows and should be past them by tomorrow. A big high should be coming in soon.

We caught a 4ft Dorado yesterday afternoon. Tom made a big bowl of cevichie which was great. These fish are really beautiful when they come out of the water. At the time of capture we had two hand lines in the water, one was blue and green and the other was yellow and red which we caught the fish on. I know that a hand line doesn't sound very sporting but when you crave something fresh you go for the gusto.

Everything is working well on our Nordhavn. Dave has been very conscientious about checking all the systems. The only bad thing was this morning when we lost the glass coffee-pot on a big (not so big) wave. It looks like we will be brewing into a pan for the rest of this leg.

Tom has just announced that at 1:00 there will be a shuffle board contest on the boat deck just aft of the swimming pool. Dave will be serving cocktails to all, hope all of you can make it.

The time is 12:00 pm on Nov 25th. Our position is N 18*20.464' / W164*40.376'. The course is 238* M. Majuro atoll is 1560nm distant. The barometer is at 1012mb which is down. Outside temp is 79.9F. The wind is out of the south at 15knts (off our port bow). Our speed is 5.54knts at 1409rpm. Seas are sloppy.

Best wishes and love to our friends and family, we miss you one and all,

Ray, Dave and Tom


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