Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 26, 2001

Good day to all,

Conditions on the good ship Nordhavn are not as nice as the last few days and the reason that this update will be short.We got into a big low last night and it looks like it will go thru late tonight. The wind is just off the bow and we have had wind speeds up to 32knts with rain squalls. Everyone is in great sprits but not eating much. Its truly amazing how well this little boat handles everything. I have never felt more safe than in this N40. She's handling it better than I can.

I almost forgot. Tom our "Cruise Director" said that there will not be any tennis on the aft boat deck today.

This is Ray signing off for now but I will try to write more tomorrow, weather permitting. Trip facts to follow.

Position is N 17*29.246' / W 166*28.381'.
Our speed is 5.2knts @ 1320rpm.
The barometer is at 1009 which is down.
Wind speed is 20knts coming out of the Northwest.
Air temp. is 77.2F.
Seastate is very confused and waves at 4-6 ft.
Local time is 11:55 am on 11/26/02.

Best wishes and love to all our friends and family,

Ray, Dave and Tom

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