Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 27, 2001

Hello one and all,

The sun is finally out. Nice change from all the rain squalls yesterday. It's still a bit unruly out here today. The wind is around 20 plus knots and the seas are 10-12 feet. One good thing is that the wind has clocked around to our stern quarter. I'm sitting on this little bar stool at the nav station which is located in the wheel house. Every time a big wave comes by I have to grab something as the stool starts to topple. I'm learning to use one hand for typing and the other for the boat.

We just finished our showers. Our Nordhavn has a shower fixture in the cockpit. This works out quite well in the tropic weather that we are encountering here. I can't imagine what it would be like taking a shower in the head in this sea condition.

As I type this Tom is in the galley making lunch which will be hot dogs and chili. Dave is in the engine room (120 degrees) checking up on all those items that need attention.
Johnston atoll is just twenty miles off our starboard bow. This atoll is run by the US military and they allow no pleasure yachts to enter. We will still try to raise them on the VHF radio and say "hey" (that's Texan for Hi, my wife taught me that).

I have sold six of these Nordhavn 40's and it really amazes me how much more I've learned about this boat. The way she handles the different sea conditions, the way the active and the passive stabilizers work and the steady hum of the Lugger engine as she performs day in and day out. By the end of this first leg, I'm sure I'll have learned a lot more. I can't wait to share all the information that I have learned.

To follow, trip facts as of 11/27/2001 12:00PM Local and 1000 UTC

Position N 16*35.898' / W168*52.961'.
Our landfall, Majuro lies 1297nm.
Our speed is 6.5knts at 1400rpm.
Barometer is at 1011mb
The wind is 23knts out of the north.
Outside temp is 82.6 degrees.
Sea state is BIG.

Best wishes and love to all our friends and family,

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