Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 28, 2001

Hi everyone,

Another day at sea and what a great one it is. Trade winds are blowing from our stern at around 10knts, little puffy clouds and a sea that is the most beautiful blue there is.

Dinner last night was hot dogs and french fries. For breakfast this morning Dave made scrambled eggs with onions, sausage and toast on the side. Sure miss that coffee pot I broke.

We got up this morning, all feeling great. Tom got all the fishing gear straightened up along with the aft deck. Dave did a wipe-down of the interior to rid the boat of the fine salt mist that gets every where. I washed down the outside of the boat with fresh water, thank you water maker.

We tried to raise Johnston Atoll on the VHF radio with no success. This was understandable knowing that our military has their hands full at this time. God bless them!

Below is our trip information for 11/28/2001. The time is 11:55 local and 0955UTC.

Our position is N 15*39.453' / W 171*06.698'. Our speed is 6.5knts @1400rpm. The Barometer is 1012mb and rising. The wind is aft of our starboard quarter @8knts. Sea condition is a 4ft consisting of a long gentle swell. Our landfall, Majuro Atoll, is 1156nm distant.

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