Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 28, 2001

We have had a beautiful day today. The seas are 4 to 6 feet and it's a sunny, 85 degrees. We are just about to the half-way point between Hawaii and Majuro. There will be a full moon tonight so visibility will be good.

Our current position is 15 29 000N and 171 50 400W. Just had a great dinner and settling into the evening watch. We shut down the main engine today to check fluids and it is a little unsettling to not hear that engine chugging along. After so many day, its purr blends into the background. Yesterday we passed within 15 miles of Johnston Atoll but never saw anything except on radar. Couldn't raise them on VHF. Coffee pot broke several hours ago so we are going without. Maybe we can pick one up in Majuro. Looking forward to seeing something besides the smooth clear horizon.

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