Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 29, 2001

Another day and all is well. We are almost at the half way point and today we upped the RPM by 100 and that brought our speed to 7.0knts with the current sea conditions. At the moment we have the paravanes out but not the fish and the reason that I mention this is because as I sit at this laptop I can look out and sea two Bobbie birds on the port side and one on the starboard side. What we can't figure out is how do they rest when no one is around. Tom made a great dinner last night which was baked chicken and rice with fresh cabbage salad. We have the fishing hand line out with the idea of having a fresh Ceveichi for lunch, I'll let you all know tomorrow if we were successful.

ATW stats as of 11/29/01 @ 11:45 local and 0945UTC

Our position is N 14*32.272' / W 173*27.216'. Our speed is 7knts @ 1500rpm. The course is 234M. The sky is overcast with 11knts of wind over our port stern quarter. The barometer is at 1013mb and rising. Our landfall to Majuro is 1005nm distant.


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