Around The World Voyage : Commentary

November 30, 2001

Good day to all.

Another day another nautical mile. Another fantastic day with trade winds from behind and puffy clouds on the horizon with a temperature of 85 degrees.

We increased our engine RPM to 1600 which took our oat speed to 7knts. At this rate we are making up time and should be at Majuro Atoll as planned.

Dave changed the pre-filters on the water maker today, the old ones looked OK but we wanted to make sure we don't overload the high pressure pump. We shut down the main engine yesterday to check fluids which was really strange for me not hearing any noise. After a few moments we started the wing engine to keep the pace up. It's also good to run the wing engine now and then.

I brought some CD's from my own boat but I should have brought more. At the moment we have Shania Twain singing "Don't be Stupid".

Our dinner last night was Rib-Eye steaks on the Barbie and baked potatoes with a cabbage salad, yum! Thanks to of our chef, Tom.

Yesterday we passed the half way point to Majuro. In our 40ft world, each of us has developed our own pattern and we each help each other as needed. We have a great crew and we all get along well. One of the highlights each day is receiving email from our friends and loved ones. It's really amazing to hear from family every day. On my last cruise I was in the South Pacific for few years and at that time all you had was a phone patch thanks to fellow ham operator and only if the conditions were right. Next year we will be talking thru our watches with live pictures. That brings up a point. We were going to try to upload pictures on this link but it wasn't to be. We'll resort to burning digital photos onto a cd and sending them back home when we get to Majuro.

The Vitals as follows.

11/30/2001 the local time is 12:09pm local / 1117 utc. Our position is N 13*11.116' / W 176*04.117. Our course is 227M. Distance to our next landfall "Majuro Atoll" is 833nm. The Barometer is at 1012mb and falling. The temp is 85F with 19knts of wind directly on our stern. Our speed is 7knts @ 1600rpm.

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