Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 1, 2001

Good day to all,

Tom on his watch last night saw our first ship. He saw her range lights so that meant that she was pretty good size and it was a good blip on the radar.

Today was another beautiful day, lots of flying fish. We are going to hit the "International Date Line" (Latitude 00*00.000') tonight. That will put us a day ahead of all you back home. A little quiz, can anyone tell me at what location on the world where each day begins? Hint: this location is also the last nation that is a Kingdom and has a King. You can answer on our "Question / Answer Forum" on our ATW web page. I'll have our office let me know who was the first to answer and I will post it on my next report as soon as I receive it.

As of 12/01/2001 Saturday 12:00 PM local

Our Position is N 12*00.991' / W 178*33.829'. Heading is 235m. Our speed is 7.6knts (over bottom) @1575rpm. The temp. is 85.1f. The wind is aft of port quarter @18knts.The Barometer is 1008mb.Distance to our next landfall (Majuro Atoll) is 659nm.

I would like to thank all of you for sharing the adventure with us as our Nordhavn 40 follows the Sunsets. I truly wish that all of you could be here with us!

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