Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 3, 2001

Hi Everyone,

All is well on the good ship Nordhavn. I'm a few hours late on this report. We had a lot of questions in the "Question/Answer" forum today. Some very good questions from all of you out there.

Today has been very hot with hardly any wind. A few rain squalls here and there. Dave has been busy cleaning and polishing the chrome. Tom downloaded the digital camera onto a CD so when we get into Majuro we can get the pictures into the mail and hopefully on to the website soon. Big event on last night's watch as we crossed the International Date Line. What that means is that we never saw Sunday, so now we are a day ahead of you.

Last night's dinner was Tom's famous chicken and rice with vegetables. Eating is one of the big highlights when one is passage making (as you can tell by the daily detailed descriptions of dinner.) Were lucky to have the extra freezer.

Monday 12/03/2001
Our position is N 10*36.191 / East 178*22.856. Our course is 237m. The speed is 7.3 knts @ 1575 rpm. Distance to our landfall (Majuro Atoll) is 467nm. the Barometer is at 1008mb and falling. The temp. is 87F and the wind is dead astern @ 10knts.

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