Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 4, 2001 (local)

Hello to Everyone,

We have been out to at sea for 11 days now and we are starting to get excited about landfall. We started cleaning up the boat and putting things away in anticipation of our arrival. Only out 44 hours from Majuro which puts us right on schedule - we had anticipated a 13 day trip.

Majuro is the capital of the Marshall Islands. If you were to fly or come by boat this is where one would check in. There are 1,225 Islands and 29 Atolls in the Marshall group. The ocean area is over 750,000 square miles. The distance from Oahu is 1,963 nm and we can attest to that number!

Average air temperature is 81 degrees F and the water is 85 degrees F. Anyone tempted to visit us?

The date is 12/4/2001 and the time is 1210 UCT (Were going to stay to this time format to ease the confusion). Our position is N 09*27.659' / E 175*55.077'. We are 306 nm from Majuro Atoll. We are going 6.6knts @ 1575 rpm. The barometer is at 1009mb and holding steady. The temp. is 87.1 degrees F. Sea state is calm with 15knts of wind off our stern.
Lots of flying fish.

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