Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 5, 2001 (local)

Good Morning to All,

I'm writing this a bit early today. We have some things to do before our arrival at Majuro tomorrow. We hope to make landfall sometime between 12 & 3 in the afternoon. We thought we would be earlier but we had storms all of last night and the seas are big and confused. The rain was unbelievably strong. The boat did get a good rinsing off. We did see an inter-island ship yesterday. She was going the opposite direction doing about 12knts. That's our second boat sighting to date.

Below I've indicated our fuel burn for the trip. Some of this is estimated due to the fact of weather that we may encounter on the rest of the trip.

For the first two thirds of the trip we ran at 1400rpm @ 1.94 gph, the last third we ran at 1600rpm @ 2.77gph.

At this moment we figure that we will have about 188 gallons of reserve fuel, a very safe cushion. We carried a total of 920 gallons of fuel. We did not put aboard any bladders or drums of fuel. The fuel tanks are standard in the amount that they hold.

Again, this Nordhavn hull #21 is a stock boat with no modifications other than items that one would normally put aboard for a extended cruise.

Below are trip facts.

Date is 12/05/2001. The time is 1920uct. Our position is N 08*34.983' / E 174*01.633'. Distance to our landfall (Majuro Atoll) is 183.5nm. The Barometer is at 1009mb and steady. The seas are at 8ft and confused. The wind is from astern at 28knts. The air temp. is 85.s degrees F. Our Boat speed is 5.9knts @1600rpm.

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