Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 06, 2001

We arrived in Majuro on Thursday 1600 hours. 20 knots of wind and the usual 8 to 10' seas. The entrance to the Atoll was well marked and 120' deep. Inside we had about a 2 hour run to the city of Delap. Beautiful place, great people.
I will send along fuel and range numbers on Sunday.

Sorry for the late and short report, we are trying to pack a year's worth of experiences into two or three days. There's a lot to see and so much to do. There are big fish everywhere, 5:00 weigh in everyday, big event. I'm not looking forward to leaving, but once we get back out into blue water we will write a full report. This place is truly amazing.

This trip will prove to be a curse and blessing. I'm blessed with being able to see and experience all of this, but cursed in so much as I'm left wanting more. There is so much more.

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