Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 6, 2001 (local)

A big HI to everyone!

It's a great day! Here we are…the last day of our leg from Hawaii to the Majuro Atoll in the Marshall islands. At the moment Majuro is only 29 miles out and we should there within six hours. We worked all this morning getting the boat ship shape. We are looking forward to a dinner ashore and maybe a toddy or two.

Our next guest , John Wooldridge of Motorboating Magazine will be joining us for the next leg. John will be aboard from Majuro to Pohnpei which should be about 7 days. You can look for an article detailing his journey in a forthcoming issue of Motorboating.

Well I'm going to wrap this session up for now. There's a chance that we may not be up for a couple of days. We have boat maintenance and provisioning and numerous other items to do.

The date is 12/6/2001 (Remember, we're on the other side of the International Date Line.) Our position is N 07*26.201' / E 171*35.077' the speed is 5knts @ 1650rpm.Our course is 231m. The barometer is at 1009mb and holding steady. The wind is off our stern at 25knts, the seas are 15ft and confused (for the first time we have used the paravanes and both fish in the water). Distance off our landfall is 25.5nm.

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