Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 7, 2001

3:30 PM Friday (PST)- Dec 7th
Dear Dave:

I could not remember from last night's conversation if you're leaving tonight or tomorrow.

I've looked at the weather and it looks the same with 15 to 20 knot easterly winds - through your Tuesday. There are a lot of little variations in atmospheric pressure (lows) to the south of you along the equator, which are effecting the winds around them. It shows one cropping up on your Tuesday that will create some wind variation… however at your latitude, it
does not look like it will effect you as the winds will still blow easterly along your track (the low will be below you).

Although unlikely, it is possible in December to still get a tropical depression and typhoon, so we'll want to keep an eye on any developments. I put a call in to Walt Hack and have asked him to give us coverage until you reach the Philippines. I suggest you download the Raytech weather prior to your departure. Also e-mail Walt your daily position reports until you get through the Philippines and are headed south below Palawan.


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