Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 11, 2001 (local)

Hello Everyone.

Just to catch you up - we've been underway since yesterday and at the moment we are anchored. You might be asking yourself what went wrong and why aren't we underway. Well, it's nothing… and something. Late yesterday we received our weather report to discover there is a chance that a cyclone may be developing at our next landfall. So the decision was made to pull in. The atoll we're currently anchored at is called Alinglapalap which is located at N07*16.898' / E168*49.280'. It's not a very recognized atoll, there are no hotels or restaurants. We are anchored in 33ft of crystal clear water and off of our starboard side are Palm trees and one of the whitest beaches that you have ever seen. The locals are waving to us from shore. At the moment we cannot go ashore due to the fact that we have not checked in. As I write this, however, Dave and Tom are launching the dingy. If we get a good weather report, we hope to get underway first thing tomorrow morning. Wish us luck.

Today is December 11th and the local time is 3:30 PM and 0430UCT. The wind is out of the North East with a 10knt breeze.

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