Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 12, 2001 (local)

Hi Everybody,

We're underway again. Alinglapalap Atoll fades from our stern and Pohnpei is off our bow about four days. The Cyclone that we were worried about yesterday looks like it's not going to form, but we will keep track of that region.

Alinglapalap is a very beautiful Atoll. Dave and Tom went ashore to see about checking in and find out the best place to anchor. John and I stayed on the boat, but after their description, we wish we would have joined them. The atoll has an abundance of palm and banana trees. The primary economic means is in harvesting coconuts. There is a large area where the ground is imbedded with coral rock. They split the coconuts in half and put them on the coral base, face up. When dried out this forms what is called copra.

They described Alinglapalap as very unspoiled with grass shacks, some tin buildings, lots of flowers - and everything so clean. The village has only one phone and maybe a few places had electric lights. Alinslapalap is what you might visualize as a typical island.

As Dave and Tom were walking thru the village, a group of little kids were following them, so Dave ran forward a bit to take a picture of Tom with kids behind. With Dave ready to take the picture, Tom turns around to say hi and all the kids scattered. After a bit of coaxing and smiles, the kids came back to hang on to Tom's legs.

The children, shy but friendly, were all wearing bright colors. The adults were also very friendly. Standard island behavior.

Here are the stats.

The day is Wednesday, December 12th. The time is 1:00pm and 1300uct. Our position is N 07*10.995' / E 168*23.526. Our speed is 6.2knts @ 1700rpm. The distance to our next landfall, Pohnpei, is 599nm. The Barometer is at 1008mb and rising. The wind is at 11knts coming from our starboard aft quarter. The temp is 87.3 degrees F.

As I'm writing this everyone else is having leisure time. It's quiet on the boat.

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