Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 15, 2001 (local)

Good Day to All,

It's been too exciting the last 24 hours. We made it into the anchorage at Kosrae Island, but not without some adrenaline-pumping moments. As we made the approach it was raining hard with wind gusts around thirty knots. The most important thing to remember when entering a new harbor is to make sure that you have a confirmation on the nav aids. Keeping this in mind, the seas were running fifteen feet plus, and there were rain squalls. On our first approach, we did ID two of the starboard entrance markers but nothing on the port side and we were still a little ways out. So moving slowly forward, with Captain Dave at the helm, Tom and I watched with the binoculars while John called out the changes in depth. Just at that time a big rain squall shut down all visibility. Dave made a 180 degree turn and we headed back out. We were losing daylight and knew that we might have only one more chance. It'd been a couple of rough days and we were really looking forward to a good night of rest. Just as the rain lightened up, Tom, who was at the stern looking back at the entrance, yelled that he has located the markers that eluded us on the first go-around. We made it in and dropped the anchor. We all had a toddy for the weary body and toasted to a job well done by all.

The wind did pick up last night and once again but the first half of today it finally eased up and we were able to launch the dinghy and go ashore to check in with Immigration. John checked into a nice hotel and bought us lunch at the hotel restaurant where we heard that the wind is supposed to go 50knts tonight. After lunch we immediately headed back to the boat. It's already gusting to 30knts. We put the dingy back up on the boat deck, got everything on deck secured and made sure the second anchor is all set to go. Dave and Tom double check the engine and make sure it's ready to go just in case we need to take the stress off of the primary anchor. I'll let you all know tomorrow how the evening went. Maybe it will be nice tomorrow and we can go ashore and give you a description of this Island. From here in the anchorage I can see sharp mountains and valleys covered in dense lush vegetation.

I know after reading all this you won't believe it, but we are, one and all, having a great adventure and wouldn't trade places with anyone. If it weren't for the challenges, the rewards would not be so great.

Today is Saturday the 15th of December (10 days till xmas). The time is 4:40pm local time and 0440uct. Our position is N 05*19.855 / E 163*01.286. The Barometer is at 1000mb and falling (the lowest to date has been 1006mb). The wind is out of the SE at 29knts. The temp is 82.4 degrees F. The depth is 33 feet, sandy bottom and we have 150 feet of all chain out. We are all very comfortable and feel very secure.

We hate to see John Wooldridge leave. He's been a great trooper and excellent crew member. Make sure to see his story of the "Nordhavn 40 Adventure" planned for the March issue Motor Boating Magazine.


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